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Wide Pokemon repertory for you

2016-09-01 23:03:42 by MiguelVolkov

Hello there, here Miguel Volkov reporting. I just want to comunicate I made a decision. This will be my Pokemon year, so, until the end of this year you will be hearing a big Pokemon repertory.

As you know, this is also the Pokemon year for Nintendo. We are celebrating a several bunch of Poke-events including the 20th anniversary, Pokemon GO and the further Pokemon Sun and Moon release. So if you're planing to do any games, videos, animations or whatever thing that needs Pokemon music, please, feel free to take any of my works. Just may sure to give the propper credits and that will be fine. I look forward to recieve your messages and requests for any Pokemon theme you'd like to have.

Thank you to Newgrounds and to everyone who follows and supports me. Have a nice Poke-year!

P.D. Don't vote for Trump!... lol

The new me

2016-05-18 03:48:37 by MiguelVolkov

I'm becoming a more classical musician, as school goes on and leaves a magic footprint on me.

Look for my new remixes.

I hate trolls...

2015-09-06 18:00:32 by MiguelVolkov

I hate people who score 2 or less and not even leave a good review... Go fuck you!

Well... I have no much to tell this time... You know I sometimes dissapear for a short period of time, but I'm always back with better ideas, better mixes, and better music.

I want to thank to everyone who has supported me in this "Nintendo's music" voyage I'm taking on... You know Nintendo's music is my passion, so, I mix their music as a tribute.

I'm glad to see every of your support comments... There are always nice words there, that keeps me on the good work... You will see several submissions of mine this season, as I'm working harder as never!... I'm gonna take a lot of Zelda's mixes, because suddenly I friend of mine told me I have no much Zelda's mixes... So, prepare yourselves!

Thank you to Newgrounds for letting me being here, and thank you to all of the marvelous people who follows me and enjoys my music.

I'm briefly back!

2014-03-25 00:03:04 by MiguelVolkov

Hi people... I have no much time here... So, you will see a swarm of uplooads... LOL...

Well... I have been having some many problems with my house, my Internet connection, and have been a little kind of busy with job and school... So, all you're gonna see now is my whole work from September 2013 to February 2014.

I know it will be a lot of information to catch, but I hope you listen to all of them and give me your votes and your appreciably opinions.

Thank you guys!!!!

Ideas coming...

2013-06-23 03:53:39 by MiguelVolkov

I'm having a really hard crush with Killer Instinct's soundtrack, specially with Sabrewulf's and Spinal's themes... So, probably, I will make some mixes from that game!

Bach Prelude No.1... Take 1 #Fail

2013-05-24 03:39:06 by MiguelVolkov

Ok... My first version of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Prelude No.1 in C went right to the trash can... xD... I received several comments telling me it was too sweet... Actually, when I re-listened to it, I thought it was too gay... lol... So, I will fix some details... Bach cannot be in any way that pink... It was like a Candy Crush track... Ohhh my gaaasssh!!
So... Maybe tomorrow I will upload the new one xD

Forgive me, father!!!

By the way... Since I liked the idea of mixing Bach's music, I'm also working on the Well-Tempered Clavier Prelude No.2 in C minor (Actually, my very favorite prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier)... I promise not to rainbow it in any way... xD

Lol... Well, thank you to all the people who reviewed me honestly!! :D That's what I need to improve myself.

Back to Newgrounds

2013-04-23 23:14:12 by MiguelVolkov

Hello people! It's been a long time... I've finally got a new computer, so I'm back to action in Newgrounds... Of course, I've done a new Nintendo mix... Because I'm returning since a long time, I decided to remake one of my 2011 songs... I took again Bowser's Keep from Super Mario RPG, done with my new softwares and synths, so it has been funny to try the whole new stuff I have to work.

You can look for it, and for my other new works out in my user page. Thank you so much to everyone, to Newgrounds for the support, and well... No more talking! Let the music speak bye itself!

I lost my computer again, so, it will take several time until my next work... :(

What the hell???

2012-09-13 00:56:21 by MiguelVolkov

I really hate, and I really mean it when I say that I really hate people that vote "0" on submissions and don't even make a review and at least tell why did they voted "0"

Fucking trolls!... What's going on with Newgrounds' control???? That's unfair... I can spend several days making a mix or a song, putting on all my effort to it, and suddenly someone that for some reason hates me, or simply people who likes to mess around, comes by and drops my song to hell without even listening to it!!!...
Really, people... If you're going to vote "0" on any submission, it's ok. That is what democracy is... But please, at least, the creator deserves a good review to help him/her to improve his/her work... Don't you think so?

I sometimes get really mad about this issue...