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I'm briefly back!

2014-03-25 00:03:04 by MiguelVolkov

Hi people... I have no much time here... So, you will see a swarm of uplooads... LOL...

Well... I have been having some many problems with my house, my Internet connection, and have been a little kind of busy with job and school... So, all you're gonna see now is my whole work from September 2013 to February 2014.

I know it will be a lot of information to catch, but I hope you listen to all of them and give me your votes and your appreciably opinions.

Thank you guys!!!!


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2014-03-25 01:29:05

Fuck yeah, Volkov!!!!


2014-04-20 05:29:39

Can't wait for all those Uploads!! :-)
And good luck with all that's going on!

MiguelVolkov responds:

Hi DarkToadster! Nice to read you. I already uploaded all my new material!... Every 2014 songs are from those swarm... So, whenever you have time, check it out on my audio profile!... I'm pretty sure you're gonna like some of them!


2015-03-31 19:07:31

Do you actually plan to do more remixes, though? As in, d'you have any ideas for a project of some kind? It would be really too bad to stop at that amazing last Bowser Theme you did.

MiguelVolkov responds:

Hello, Fyrem! Champion Cynthia's fan... Of course I remember you. Thank you so much for your new reviews, you make me really happy.
Of course, that Bowser electro/symphonic mix will not be the last one... It is only that I'm getting through a little hard moment of my life... And, for now I have no computer... So, as soon as I rebuild myself, I'll continue to upload remixes to Newgrounds... I've been playing Super Mario RPG and many Zelda games, so I think there are some themes coming of those franchises.
Thank you so much for your aprecciation and support.

My best wishes, Miguel Volkov


2015-04-26 05:38:26

@MiguelVolkov Yeah, I can see your new tracks now, it's great that you're still goin'! Glad you remember me XD Cynthia FTW.
That aside, well, you're welcoem for the support, and good luck on destroying those obstacles in your life! May more amazing musics come from you so we fans can enjoy them ;)