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2013-04-23 23:14:12 by MiguelVolkov

Hello people! It's been a long time... I've finally got a new computer, so I'm back to action in Newgrounds... Of course, I've done a new Nintendo mix... Because I'm returning since a long time, I decided to remake one of my 2011 songs... I took again Bowser's Keep from Super Mario RPG, done with my new softwares and synths, so it has been funny to try the whole new stuff I have to work.

You can look for it, and for my other new works out in my user page. Thank you so much to everyone, to Newgrounds for the support, and well... No more talking! Let the music speak bye itself!


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2013-04-24 17:40:20

Nice to see you again. Many people and I miss your compositions and can not wait to hear more of your art.
Keep with it because you're doing a excellent job.

MiguelVolkov responds:

Thank you so much, paisano! Now, I'll show you what I really got... I hope you like my 2013 season! =D


2013-04-25 14:14:32

Welcome back!

MiguelVolkov responds:

Thank you =)