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Wide Pokemon repertory for you

2016-09-01 23:03:42 by MiguelVolkov

Hello there, here Miguel Volkov reporting. I just want to comunicate I made a decision. This will be my Pokemon year, so, until the end of this year you will be hearing a big Pokemon repertory.

As you know, this is also the Pokemon year for Nintendo. We are celebrating a several bunch of Poke-events including the 20th anniversary, Pokemon GO and the further Pokemon Sun and Moon release. So if you're planing to do any games, videos, animations or whatever thing that needs Pokemon music, please, feel free to take any of my works. Just may sure to give the propper credits and that will be fine. I look forward to recieve your messages and requests for any Pokemon theme you'd like to have.

Thank you to Newgrounds and to everyone who follows and supports me. Have a nice Poke-year!

P.D. Don't vote for Trump!... lol


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2016-09-03 08:38:53

There we go! Hopefully this will be a thing and people are gonna use your musical wonders again. Best of luck with that, and enjoy your Pokemon year :D Can't wait to see what gen you're gonna focus on after Kanto and Jotho.

Ya welcome! Cheers for you too, I can't wait for Sun and Moon.

Lol. Trump already got his own Pokemon, that should be enough XD