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Wisdom time

2012-08-28 01:15:00 by MiguelVolkov

"Knowledge is the best thing man could ever have"

New Audio Portal Submission

2012-05-02 17:00:24 by MiguelVolkov

Ok, since I'm beeing posting very few songs per month, I need to post everytime I post... I promise this will not happen anymore... I will try to upload much more material per month!

Check out my profile for the new submissions I gave to Newgrounds. It is called "Wild Regice Appeared!"... Or best known as the Regirock, Regice & Registeel battle theme from Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.

Thanks to everyone!

2nd April, 2012

2012-04-02 16:57:32 by MiguelVolkov

I don't know if you care... But, today is my birthday!! =D lol.

Happy Birthday No.24, Miguel Volkov!!!! =D =D

Finally, I'm back!

2012-03-13 16:27:11 by MiguelVolkov

Hello everyone!...
For the people who were looking forward for something new... Here are very good news... I've finally came up with new material... It took a lot of time to experiment with a lot of new sounds I got and trying to understand my new software. That's why I took so long to upload something new, but this is now the day! =D

And, of course, this won't be the only one... I will keep on working very hard in order to improve myself.
Thank you to everyone for the support.
Thank you Newgrounds.

Feel free to check it out at my user page! I'll be waiting for comments.

Hi everybody! I'm now back. It's been a long time since I uploaded some of my music. I really apologize to all the people who was looking forward for something new... I've been getting some new instruments, including very different type of Korg synthesizers, soundfonts for my computer, so, I've been experimenting a lot mixing a lot of sounds and styles... I promise to upload something really good as soon as possible.

In other theme, I loved the new Newgrounds' desing... It's really, really cool! I long to be in here with all of you guys, soon!

Thank you to everyone for the support. I'll be really back really soon.

Sincerely, Miguel Volkov.

-Let the Music Be Free-

Let the music be free!

2012-01-20 18:15:04 by MiguelVolkov

Let the music be free!
Let the art be free!
Let the freedom be free!
Let the world to be free...

Newgrounds, the portal who allows our freedom to really be free...
The one who allows us to express our art in all of her expression.

Thank you for giving us the chance to be real artist... Real videogame and music artist.
Thank you so much for giving us a place to find people like us!

Newgrounds will live forever!!... SOPA will not get victory over us.

... Let the music be free!
... Let the opinion be free!
... Let the humans be free!
... Newgrounds let us to be free!

Happy New Year 2012

2012-01-02 14:37:42 by MiguelVolkov

Happy new year 2012 Newgrounds!

The new year has come faster than I thought... And that's why I'm getting ready for my new season, where I will improve my musical techinques and perform better works!
Just, wait for my new submissions, these will be even better than the last year submissions.

I hope to keep the good work for you, and I hope to have still the same support as always. Thank you so much to everyone!

Let the music be free.

Miguel Volkov.

Keeping the good work!

2011-11-30 20:43:23 by MiguelVolkov

Well, since I'm noticing some of my creations have a good reception, I'm gonna make more... Im improving my techniques and ideas, so my material will grow better and better... I hope my next mix have the same success as "King of All Koopas"... Thanks to everyone who had give your 5's and good comments!