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Volkov back and fully recharged!

2015-04-26 15:38:38 by MiguelVolkov

Well... I have no much to tell this time... You know I sometimes dissapear for a short period of time, but I'm always back with better ideas, better mixes, and better music.

I want to thank to everyone who has supported me in this "Nintendo's music" voyage I'm taking on... You know Nintendo's music is my passion, so, I mix their music as a tribute.

I'm glad to see every of your support comments... There are always nice words there, that keeps me on the good work... You will see several submissions of mine this season, as I'm working harder as never!... I'm gonna take a lot of Zelda's mixes, because suddenly I friend of mine told me I have no much Zelda's mixes... So, prepare yourselves!

Thank you to Newgrounds for letting me being here, and thank you to all of the marvelous people who follows me and enjoys my music.


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2015-05-20 02:49:43

One love, brother <3