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Princess Peach's shout at the beginning made my laugh like an idiot!... Thank you so much, this is great!

Very nice and hilarious... Good work, man!... Kinky Kricket, I love it!

Very funny!!... Loved the remix at the end!

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Nope... I didn't understand anything, sorry.

Really interesting... This remind me those Pokemon game puzzles, were you needed to slide through iced paths... I think you were kind of inspired by those paths... Anyway, this will help me to train my mental agility to solve such puzzles quicker... Great one!

I like the graphic style... But, I don't like the game at all... I think the ship moves too slow, and it's hard to control... Honestly, I got bored, but the idea is good!... Try to give it some more dynamism and you will get a great game!... Keep the good work

meinlogin responds:

Hey, thanks for the fair opinion. There is an upgrade for increasing the ship speed. It can move faster than at the beginning.

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Your music is really good, man. Personally I liked this very much... Love that videogame feeling from the start. You made a very fresh and happy thing here, it makes me think about Kirby games sometimes. Keep the good work!

That piano at the beginning sounds great, it really put me into listening. Then comes the electro part which is really good also, changing again to the soft piano and those atmosphere effects. Maybe I could say there is much more you can do, musically, with this material. Try some variations, maybe harmonic variations or try to give even more dynamism to the melodies.
I liked this very much, very loopable and enjoyable. Good work!

I like how the theme changes play with the track's mood. I think the harmony and the overall musical idea are well played and mixed. Personally I don't like that lead screamy synth, I feel it changes drastically the original intention, maybe the same melody but with softer synth could nail it. Anyway, I think it's a good job.

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Pretty cool!

Phantom Ganon???... This is amazing dude

airman4 responds:

i dont know him
but thanks xd

Really nice!

Videogame music composer from Mexico. Nintendo lover. Rock, metal, electro & orchestra. Enjoy my music. Thank you.

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