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Bach Prelude No.1... Take 1 #Fail

2013-05-24 03:39:06 by MiguelVolkov

Ok... My first version of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Prelude No.1 in C went right to the trash can... xD... I received several comments telling me it was too sweet... Actually, when I re-listened to it, I thought it was too gay... lol... So, I will fix some details... Bach cannot be in any way that pink... It was like a Candy Crush track... Ohhh my gaaasssh!!
So... Maybe tomorrow I will upload the new one xD

Forgive me, father!!!

By the way... Since I liked the idea of mixing Bach's music, I'm also working on the Well-Tempered Clavier Prelude No.2 in C minor (Actually, my very favorite prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier)... I promise not to rainbow it in any way... xD

Lol... Well, thank you to all the people who reviewed me honestly!! :D That's what I need to improve myself.


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2013-06-02 22:05:46

Lets do a collab soon. Send me something you've been working on, and we'll work on it together, but you can be the one to post it on your page. Let me know if you're interested in making a piece.

MiguelVolkov responds:

Ok, man! Let's do it. I like the idea! Just let me get go through my final exams of this week and I will be more free than ever to make all the music I always do!!!... Next week I will be on vacation, so, we'll have the time enough to work on some great material!
Thank you so much, Empty Window... We'll keep in touch!


2013-06-03 08:00:38

Yeah man take your time. You use FL right?