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Miguel Volkov out again! X__X

2012-10-02 01:20:02 by MiguelVolkov

I lost my computer again, so, it will take several time until my next work... :(


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2012-10-02 18:31:01

Is so bad listen that notice, but dont worry we can wait any time for your return.
Also, i hope you get more lucky whit your plans.
See ya!!!!


2012-11-02 17:21:29

Truly a pity, you have my deepest sympathy. Looking forward to you getting a new computer and putting out more great content though! Just listened to my favs King of all Koopas and the two Rainbow Road Remixes, always fills me with joy - thank you so much! :D


2013-01-05 22:19:28

That's too bad. Hope you have little trouble finding another computer. Your music is amazing and you are missed. :'(