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What the hell???

2012-09-13 00:56:21 by MiguelVolkov

I really hate, and I really mean it when I say that I really hate people that vote "0" on submissions and don't even make a review and at least tell why did they voted "0"

Fucking trolls!... What's going on with Newgrounds' control???? That's unfair... I can spend several days making a mix or a song, putting on all my effort to it, and suddenly someone that for some reason hates me, or simply people who likes to mess around, comes by and drops my song to hell without even listening to it!!!...
Really, people... If you're going to vote "0" on any submission, it's ok. That is what democracy is... But please, at least, the creator deserves a good review to help him/her to improve his/her work... Don't you think so?

I sometimes get really mad about this issue...


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2012-09-13 04:08:31

Don't give A shit about the votes man, Only the reviews matter.